This is a "demo reel" to show brief excerpts from music films that I've created over the years. If you want to skip around, before or during playback, hover above any dot in the playbar and click your choice, or open the full index using the chapter icon to the right of the playbar (after the gear icon).
Let's create a music film together, livestreamed or pre-recorded. Just contact me for a casual consultation using the form at right, or:
New York City:  (646) 450-7959
Washington, D.C.:  (202) 495-1451
I created this page to offer my help at little or no financial cost to musicians in New York City and Washington DC during this time when engagement with audiences is expanding into virtual spaces – to accumulate online exposure that will never stop growing, and to complement but not to replace future live performances.  With video production that uses safe distancing and PPE, minimal setup time, 4K multi-camera capture, Ambisonic sound, and one-person operation as seen in the above excerpts, I want to elevate your performance with cinematic standards – so far, surprisingly absent across the scene, as companies and videographers who don't specialize in classical music, needlessly over-charge for results that look like raw security camera footage. Let's finally do this right.
Thank you for your message. I will reply soon.
To read an article about one of the earliest virtual concerts created worldwide during the first week of COVID-19 closures in 2020, click here (Washington City Paper, March 23, 2020)