The Passion of Jekyll & Hyde

a classic silent film fused with original music in concert

A feature-length cinematic presentation of music composed by Daron Hagen, in combination with the original 1920 public domain film Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and concert footage filmed and edited by H. Paul Moon of the live performance by Tramp Orchestra conducted by Erin Freeman at the world premiere on July 12, 2019 as part of the Wintergreen Music Festival.
The Complete Film
Also streams via YouTube
at the same 4K resolution
A Brief Note on the Film
Somewhere between a new concert film, and an old silent film with new music added, The Passion of Jekyll & Hyde fuses cinema with music performance, in a new kind of movie experience that pays tribute to the medium's rich history of film scoring.  This art form of tastefully aligning music with moving images, is a language that everyone knows, just from watching moviesbut the hybrid experience here of watching the music itself being performed, within view of its timed combination with film, becomes a testament to musicians as a central part of the art form, hidden in the history of soundtracks.  Put another way, this project reveals the normally unseen musicians behind movie magic, matched with the timeless skills of a classically-trained composer, and a conductor's musical direction (and my further camerawork and film editing) that bring it all together with dramatic precisionnow, arguably exceeding the impact of watching the original silent film alone, that's widely described as "America's first horror movie."  H. Paul Moon
Three-Minute Excerpt from the Film
Stills from the Film
Interview with the Composer

Erin Freeman, conductor & Daron Hagen, composer in rehearsal

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